Rockford Fosgate R600-4D Review

Balanced performance in the entry-level segment of the multichannel amp market is not something you see every day. This may sound silly, but it is slowly becoming the new standard. That is why it’s quite a big deal when a brand releases an amp that delivers a great performance combined with a good amount of features at a reasonable price. The model in question? R600-4D by Rockford Fosgate. This is probably the best amp to get in its price range, and that is not even an exaggeration. Watt per dollar ratio is bang on, and the overall design adds even more value to an already sweet deal.


Today we are going to take a closer look at this awesome amp. As you’re about to see, it brings some solutions you would often find in the more expensive units, and it seems to do everything right. If you are looking for a value model that delivers exactly what is claimed by the manufacturer, keep reading.


Features of the R600-4D

Before we get into specs and other juicy facts, we have to deal with the aesthetic design of this Rockford Fosgate creation. We’ll preface the following criticism by saying that we absolutely love this thing, just in case. Alright, even though looks are least important when it comes to car amps, R600-4D looks like something that was made ten years ago.

We can appreciate simple and functional design, but it feels like Rockford Fosgate cut some serious corners when it comes to the exterior design of this awesome amp. However, that is our opinion and frankly, looks are not that important. At least not in this segment of the market.


The enclosure, no matter how basic it looks, is actually quite practical. It features a cast aluminum construction, including a very efficient heat sync. If you look at the back of the amp, you will find all of your I/O connectors including three pairs of RCA connectors. This is also where you can see a rather complex control panel. These include a front and rear EQ cluster, each with its own Gain knob and Crossover switch. Additionally, there is another switch that allows you to choose between two or four channel operation.

In terms of power, you are looking at either 4×100 Watts at 4 Ohms, 4×150 Watts at 2 Ohms, and 2×300 Watts at 4 ohms in bridged mode. That crossover feature we have mentioned earlier can add 12dB/Octave and it floats between 50Hz and 500Hz. This applies to both front and rear crossover. The overall frequency response range is set from 20Hz to 20kHz, which is not bad for a unit in this price range.

There are three forms of protection offered by Rockford Fosgate in R600-4D. All of these are combined in one system, and they cover thermal protection, over-current protection, and short circuit protection. It’s not the most advanced safety system on the market, but it works more than well considering the power and quality of this amp.


How Does the Rockford R600X4 Peform?

When it comes down to performance, you get to see why R600-4D is one of the, if not the best amp in its class.  For a Class D unit, you get an abundance of power that is flat. That’s right, hooking this thing up to whichever instrument you like to use for testing various aspects of power amps, will give you pretty flat readings. The quality of sound is bordering audiophile level, although that is something worth of a proper discussion.

What matters the most is that you get a loud, clean and rather small amp that gets the job done when used within its limits. Even if you decide to push it harder, you will find out that heat is not an issue. It gets warm, but never really that hot that you have to worry about it too much. Those who want a more stealthy setup will appreciate the compact nature of the R600-4D. We stand by our opinion that this amp won’t win any beauty contents any time soon, but it looks decent enough all things considered. In that respect, we can’t really complain too much. Especially considering the price.


Should You Make Room for this Amp?

Rockford Fosgate is no stranger to entry level amps which deliver good performance. With that said, it is our feeling that they’ve outperformed themselves with the R600-4D. You get proper power channeled through robust circuitry that doesn’t fall apart when you start pushing that volume knob clockwise, a good Watt per dollar ratio, and overall great design. No matter how average this sounds, it’s not something you get to see that often.

In complete honesty, R600-4D by Rockford Fosgate is probably a better choice that even some more expensive and more powerful amps out there, despite how counter-intuitive that sounds. At the end of the day, if you choose to go with this unit, you won’t regret it!

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