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Orion HCCA2000.4 Competition Series Review

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Affordable heavy hitters are a very real category in the world of automotive amplifiers. They are also one of the most scrutinized segments of the market and for a perfectly good reason.

Delivering loads of RMS at prices which seem to be too good to be true is bound to raise a few eyebrows. With that said, there are models out there which deliver exactly what they claim they can, in a way that is stable and consistent.

One such amplifiers is the Orion HCCA 2000.4 Competition Series four channel amplifier.

We are going to introduce you to this pretty awesome amp that is one of the more powerful units you can get in this price range. It’s definitely not the most refined model out there, but being crude around the edges is not always such a bad thing.

This is especially true if your requirements are more related to having raw power than perfect tonal clarity. With that said, let’s get you familiarized with this heavy hitter.

  • Very powerful amp that delivers. People call it “the beast”
  • Delivers loud and sharp sound
  • Portable and easy to install
  • No cons so far

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Features of the HCCA 2000 4 Channel Amp :

The design of this big boy is reminiscent of older models, which is rather practical even though it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing solution in the world. The heat synch is massive, just as you would expect it would for something of this size and power output.

Orion HCCA2000.4 Competition Series comes in a very sleek looking  metallic red color that can be an issue if you are going for a specific look or styling. However, those who don’t really care about aesthetics will find this flashy aesthetic refreshing. It really breaks up the black interior of your average trunk well

The nominal power rating for Orion HCCA2000.4 Competition Series is defined as 4000 Watts. However, RMS power is a bit less than that. Here’s how you can use this amp. You can push 4×300 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms, 4×500 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms.

Since this amp can be bridged, your options are as follows. 2×1000 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms, or 4×620 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms. While it’s not a 4000 Watt RMS monster make it out to be, Orion HCCA2000.4 Competition Series is still a pretty capable unit to have.

One of the main reasons why this amp is so reliable comes from its rather efficient all MOSFET amp. Even when pushed hard, the amp is capable of wrangling the new requirements fine and keeps up rather well. When it comes to controls of any kind, the only thing that you have to work with is a remote gain knob, as it is usually the case with amps of this format.

There’s a pretty decent protection built into the Orion HCCA2000.4 Competition Series, but you still need to be careful that you wire everything up correctly.

orion class d monoblock amp

Does this Orion Comp Series Amp Peform? :

For such a powerful and large amplifier, Orion HCCA2000.4 Competition Series surprisingly runs pretty cool unless you really step on it and start riding it hard. In terms of sound quality, things are pretty good. One thing you have to understand is that we are talking about an amplifier whose main job is to have muscles and not necessarily the finesse.

That is something that will cost you a bit more. Running a medium setup consisting of four drivers and one subwoofer is a nonissue. There is plenty of power for that.

The frequency response range goes from 10Hz to 35kHz, which basically means that you will hear everything that humans are capable of hearing, and then some. The crossover comes packing a two-stage hi pass filter that works from 40Hz to 12.5 kHz and 400Hz to 12.5kHz. Low pass filter works from 40Hz to 300Hz.

As you would expect, there is a soft turn on feature available as well, just in case.

When it comes to installation and cable routing, it’s a pretty standard situation. The only thing you would need to keep in mind is its size. If you are going for a stealthy build, this might not be the best solution for you. On the other hand, if you don’t care if your amp is going to stick out or not, this is going to be a decent heavy hitting choice.

Should Orion be in Your Trunk?

When you talk about amps such as the Orion HCCA2000.4 Competition Series, you need to pay attention to nominal power rating and RMS power rating. Often times you will see some pretty incredible figures being dropped here or there, only to have the actual RMS Power output be rather underwhelming.

Orion HCCA2000.4 Competition Series actually offers a pretty balanced performance, which makes it one of the better choices at the moment. On the other hand, it’s hard to complain considering the price you are asked to pay, and all of the stuff you get for it.

  • Very powerful amp that delivers. People call it “the beast”
  • Delivers loud and sharp sound
  • Portable and easy to install
  • No cons so far

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  1. Its a great looking amp, the black end caps are ugly (what where they thinking…)
    It will do the power, not a concern here, but the most important question is…

    How is the sound quality?

    1. Hey Sil, yeah, it’s a good looking amp. Agree, the end caps aren’t slick. It’s kinda an older amp design now and they do need to work on that. Sound is not bad at all. Given the amount of power that you get for the price, it does a respectable job in my opinion. This one hasn’t been available recently, so this might be another one to consider.

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