Orion HCCA11000.1D Competition Series Mono-Channel Amplifier Review

Orion is one of those brands that achieve really high power outputs at a very attractive dollar per Watt ratio. We are talking heavy duty monoblocks whose only task is to push raw output to your selected subwoofer, while sound quality comes in close second place. That is not to say that their monoblocks are bad, just that their pricing policy forces them to have a different set of priorities than some brands who put higher price tags on their models.

If you take your average customer who is looking to get an aftermarket audio system in their car, 99% of them are going to be perfectly satisfied with a 600 Watt four channel amp that can push some reasonable power per each channel. Then you have those who like to live life more dangerously, who might go for a 1000 Watt or 2000 Watt RMS monoblock to drive a hefty subwoofer configuration in the trunk. Now, there’s the third type of audio enthusiast who can’t be bothered with those puny output ratings.

No, this type of person needs more. That is exactly the crowd Orion dedicated their 11000 Watt RMS monoblock to. Today we are going to talk about this monster, and see whether or not Orion HCCA11000.1D Competition Series Monoblock amp can even deal with this kind of power.

orion class d monoblock amp


Features of this Competition Series Amp

On a first glance, the HCCA11000.1D looks just like any other old school monoblock. It sports that rectangular design with a body made of cast aluminum which hides massive heat syncs. As it is the case with most other HCCA series amps from Orion, it comes in a stylish metallic red color. Some find this to be amazing as it breaks up the otherwise dull black trunk pretty nicely, while others feel like a more conservative choice of colors would be better in the long run. Either way, the amp looks fine by most standards.

When it comes to Wattage options, you are looking at several impressive combinations. In the 12.6V range, you  can either get 4650 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms,  7330 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms, or whopping 12200 Watts RMS at 1 Ohm. In the 14.4V range you can either choose the 6180 Watt RMS at 4 Ohms, 9700 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms, or incredible 15900 Watts RMS at 1 Ohm. These figures are anything but ordinary, especially once you go into the five digit power output territory.

As expected, Orion HCCA11000.1D Competition Series Mono-Channel amp comes with a built in crossover and a frequency response range that is within the average 20Hz to 20kHz range. Signal noise ratio is sitting flat around 95dB. Like most other HCCA Competition Series models, you get a hi pass filter that works from 50Hz to 2kHz and it’s the low pass counterpart that operates within the same range.


How Does This Monster Perform?

Where to even begin with this one. The installation process is pretty simple and requires you to know what essentially a standard procedure for this type of amplifiers. Routing and connecting cables is a bit rugged due to dual 1/0 inputs, but that is not too much of a big deal at all. Is it the most stealthy amp you can get? Definitely not, but pushing this kind of power into a compact package is borderline impossible within this price range.

Now to the good stuff. Orion HCCA11000.1D Competition Series Mono-Channel amplifier can run eight 15 inch subwoofers with ease. That means having them all work with enough gain and volume to move some serious air whenever you feel like it. You will have a really hard time finding a setup capable of fitting into a car, that this amp can’t push hard. When it comes to heat, one pretty efficient power supply is making sure that not a lot of the output leaves the circuitry through those massive heat syncs.

Naturally, if you go overboard the amp will start heat up, but with 12000 Watts RMS under your fingertips, you definitely don’t need to search for that limit. The price tag on this one might be steep compared to their other models which essentially look the same. However, when you count in the difference in Watts RMS, it really comes across as a bargain. Actually, it’s a deal that is pretty tempting all things considered.


Ready to Shatter Some Windows?

Monoblocks which deliver this type of power are not something every audio enthusiast is going to be interested in. Models such as this one from Orion are aimed at a niche group of users who are searching for the ultimate bass performance.

With that in mind, Orion HCCA11000.1D Competition Series Mono-Channel amp delivers where it matters the most. Compared to other monsters with similar specs, this one is actually one of the more user-friendly options on the market.

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