NVX True JAD Series Class D Car Full Range Amplifier Review

nvx-true-jad-series-class-d-car-full-range-amplifierIf you love your music loud and clean then you may want to check out the True class D JAD series full range amplifier by NVX.  This five channel model amp can run with either a two or four OHM load and has four channels for all the highs and mids and a mono channel for subs.

One of the more popular models produced by NVX, this amp has a lot to offer in terms of quality sound and minimal distortion. But it’s a model that may not be for everyone and can heavily depend on music style and bass capacity preferences.

Specs and Features of the NVX True JAD Series Class D Car Full Range Amplifier

Making a few modifications to the power distribution and using a couple of RCA cables you can easily install the amp. Surprisingly, most consumers noted that this amp is pretty small. If you’re used to using large amps that take up a lot of room, the last thing you’re going to look forward to is installing another beast. The install for this model is very simple. As usual, install the amp with the controls facing the easiest direction for tweaking. If you’re someone who must frequently adjust their sound system, then place the amp controls in a place that allows for easy access, especially during this breaking in period. How long it takes to break in a new amp will depend on the type of music you listen to and the volume you use, as well as the drivers themselves. Most users can agree that the sound tends to change significantly after the first week of use, when the volume is set at a moderate level. The amp’s controls and subwoofer channel level controls all work smoothly and cleanly. The install itself is simple enough for any novice to do, which means you won’t have to take it in to a local shop and fork over more cash for a complicated install.

Choosing a pair of subs for this amp, you can easily fit in a couple of ten inch NSW 102s and place them in a generic SUV or hatchback style enclosure to prevent them from sliding around.

This model can handle subs that are two hundred to three hundred and fifty watts each and has pretty impressive sensitivity.

When you first pull the amp out of the box, aside from the more compact design, you’ll appreciate the quality and weight of this model and the large butyl rubber that surrounds it.

Other specs include an impedance at 4 OHMS, a steel basket for maximum protection, a frequency response range of twenty to two hundred HZ, chrome plated push terminals that are spring loaded and resonance frequency of 36.6.

NVX True JAD Series Class D Pros and Cons

nvx-true-jad-series-class-d-car-full-range-amplifier2Pros: For the best quality sound, consumers found that the subs worked best with about one cubic feet of air space each, in addition to a couple of pounds of polyfill used in each chamber. This works to provide a clearer bass sound that’s tight and clean and booming when you want it. This amp basically just offers a solid clean performance, regardless of music genre. Consumers loved the bulletproof sound this amp has to offer. After a few days of using and adjusting the amp, many users were satisfied with the break-in on the front speakers. Moving the high pass crossover slightly each day can help you to find the sweet spot.

A great sound amp that’s not too heavy and won’t take up too much space, this model doesn’t run hot on long drives, even when turned all the way up.

Easy to install, using the optional large gauge wire adapter will allow you to fit four gauge copper wires with no problem.

Cons: One consumer tested out the amp using the SPL app and noted that it maxed out at around a hundred and ten decibels. Using a meter, you’ll note that the amp can reach around a hundred and twenty decibels when your car windows are rolled up and about a hundred and twenty-five when the windows are rolled down. Which really isn’t bad at all.

The main issue consumers had with this model involved the bass gain knob, which is described as cheap and not very effective in actually adjusting the bass. To remedy this you can purchase a PAC universal controller that will hook up directly to the RCA cable which is located between the amp and radio. It will work better to control the entire frequency range for your subs and is much more than a single frequency boost for your bass. Another consumer had issues with this model upon delivery, stating that it arrived without knobs, requiring them to fine tune the amp using a screwdriver. While this consumer didn’t contact the manufacturer regarding this issue, they still reported that the amp worked perfectly aside from this problem.  We recommend emailing NVX for replacement knobs should you run into this problem. This doesn’t seem to be a common issue.

Another consumer felt that while it worked well, the amp itself had a cheap look and was too lightweight. Their main issue with this amp was the lack of bass, which they described as non-existent.

Conclusion and Rating for the NVX True JAD Amplifier

nvx-true-jad-series-class-d-car-full-range-amplifier3Consumers who purchased this model gave it mixed reviews, which seemed to be affected by the type of music the consumer listened to on average. A perfect amp for rock and acoustic music, but not a model you should rely on if you enjoy listening to your music with the bass turned up.  Basically, if you’re looking for an amp that can really push bass, then this is definitely not the model for you. Consumers who purchased this model gave it an average rating of four out of five stars for easy installation, compatibility and ease of use. A lightweight, compact amp that lacks some serious power in the bass department, while it’s not for everyone, those classic rock listeners have nothing but good things to say about a product that offers a clean smooth sound.

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