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Best 6.5 Marine Speakers

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If you use speakers on your boat, bike, ATV, or in your open roof car, then having marine speakers can come in handy.

For these vehicles (unlike normal car speakers), the slightest bit of rain can be detrimental to the quality of your internal speakers.

Luckily, the weather can’t ruin all systems — marine speakers are waterproof, which make them perfect to use during a day on the lake or a dance party in the rain.

If you’re looking for the perfect waterproof speaker system, then look no further than our list of the best marine speakers.  Below, you’ll find our hand-picked selection of best marine speakers, along with what to know before purchasing for your vehicle.

Best Marine Speakers
  • 6-1/2″ Dual Cone speaker
  • Removable grille
  • Weight (lbs): 3.08
  • 5 1/4 inches 2 way Speakers
  • 19mm liquid cooled silk/polymer composite dome tweeter
  • Weight (lbs): 1
  • 2-Way Full Range Indoor Outdoor Marine Speakers
  • Quick Mounting System
  • Weight (lbs): 6.8
Ultra Sound Quality
  • 6-1/2″ 2-way cockpit coaxial marine speaker system
  • Designed for free-air applications
  • Weight (lbs): 6.4
  • 5.25-inch Marine speakers
  • 3-year platinum online dealer warranty
  • Weight (lbs): 3.1

Best Marine Speakers Reviews

1. Sony Dual Cone Marine Speakers

With a powerful volume and impressive interior, this marine speaker by Sony is a worthy competitor of some of the biggest brands.

And not only does it boast high quality, but also affordability, making it one of the most ideal speakers on the market.

Perfect for use on the water, the Sony Dual Cone Marine Speaker is resistant to fresh water, salt water, and UV rays.  So whether you’re on the lake or on the ocean, these speakers can handle the conditions.

Giving the speakers their durability and attractive design is a treated cloth that protects them from all elements.  It allows them to reproduce a wide range of notes, with frequencies from 45 Hz to 20,000 Hz due to the voice coil that allows it to operate in high temperatures.


  • 5” dual cone
  • IPx5 certified design
  • UV ray and Salt Water resistant
  • 65 Watts CEA2031 RMS Power
  • 140 Watts max power handling
  • Affordability – something I love about this set of speakers is that they aren’t expensive at all. Not only does this mean it’s easy to stay within budget, but also you won’t have to spend tons of money on a system you’ll only use in the summer.
  • Volume, quality, and wide range of frequencies – although the speakers can’t handle much power compared to others, the sound quality and wide range of frequencies compensates
  • 65 Watts – this is quite low compared to most speakers, which makes them a bit weaker and lacking a significant amount of power

2. Polk Audio DB521

If you’re looking for a marine speaker with excellent durability, power, and quality, then you’d be impressed by the Polk Audio DB521 Coaxial Speakers.

With an astounding 275 Watts, this set has a volume range higher than many other leading brands.

Made with butyl rubber surrounds, these speakers are completely waterproof, long-lasting, and the material adds to the bass response.

Its well-engineered design and build not only looks attractive on any boat but also ensures the music you play is top-notch.  The silk-polymer dome tweeter and the mica cone woofer produces high quality and clear sounds while deepening the bass.

Thanks to its outstanding power of 275 Watts, your music will not only be loud, clear, and powerful, but it’s guaranteed to speed through the water.


  • 275 Watts per pair, 135 Watts each
  • RMS: 90 Watts per pair, 45 Watts each
  • 75-inch liquid-cooled silk-polymer composite dome tweeter (19 mm)
  • 135 Watts maximum input power
  • Durability – the speakers are made with extreme durability and are designed to withstand the roughest of conditions
  • Dynamic Balance speaker – all sounds are balanced through the Dynamic Balance speaker, which produces the right level of mid, treble, and base automatically
  • Reusable grille
  • Not as powerful as other Polk models

3. Kicker KB6000

Designed to be mounted in the open air, this marine speaker is UV-treated and can deliver clear, high-quality sounds over incredibly long distances.

Whether you want to blast music in the backyard, in the family room, or on a boat, the KB6000 performs best in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Sturdy and reliable, these speakers are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoors.

The sound they produce is such high-quality that it is best described as crisp and clear.  Plus, the bass is perfectly balanced — something many marine speakers struggle with.

Not only do these speakers produce beautiful sound quality, but they do so with excellent power and for an extremely affordable price compared to most outdoor marine speakers.


  • 5-inch woofer
  • 2×5-inch horn tweeter
  • 12 dB/octave low-pass crossover
  • 8-Ohm load
  • 75 Watts RMS
  • 150 Watts peak
  • High-quality – the sounds they produce is on par with some of the best systems for a much cheaper price
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Transportable – the entire system is fairly easy to transport, so if you decide to bring it inside or move it outside, you can do so with ease.
  • Adapt to new environments well – they’re designed to produce quality sound in the open air and spacious environments, but when moved into a closed room, deliver the same quality
  • The speakers still can’t beat some of the more expensive brands in terms of power

4. JL Audio MX650

Prepare to be blown away by the JL Audio MX650 Cockpit Coaxial marine speakers — literally.

Not only can these speakers handle immense amounts of power, but they’re also designed to give you 20% more sound radiating than other 6.5-inch systems.

If you’re looking for marine speakers that thrive in the open air and don’t need an enclosure, then the JL Audio MX650 is an ideal choice for you.

The 2-way speakers work with circuits that are first order low-pass and second order high-pass to produce quality sound that’s nothing but music to your ears.

Plus, they’re extremely reliable and durable.  Not only are they resistant to UV rays, but also to corrosion.


  • 5-inch woofers
  • 75-inch dome tweeters
  • 25-inch diameter woofer voice coils
  • Perform best in free air
  • Excellent design makes them functional, long-lasting, and stylish
  • UV Ray and corrosion-resistant – the Centrex polymer baskets and grills give them their resistance to UV rays and corrosion, which means you won’t have to replace these speakers for a while
  • Fast and easy installment
  • They don’t perform well without an amplifier
  • Expensive

5. BOSS Audio MR50W 2-Way Weatherproof Speakers

What more could you want than deep, clear, and rich sound from a clean new speaker? Lucky for you, the BOSS Audio MR50W promises just that.

The durability of this speaker is top-notch, as its polypropylene woofer cone has a treated cloth surround which is also responsible for its excellent sound quality.

Protected from UV rays, rain, fog, and corrosion, the speaker is ideal for all boat lovers.

Additionally, the aluminum construction of the speaker’s voice coil gives it enough flexibility to stretch and handle high tension while still being solid enough to produce high-quality music.


  • 4 Ohms impedance
  • 80 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • 89 dB sensitivity
  • 1-inch aluminum voice coil
  • 1-inch mylar dome tweeter (1 per speaker)
  • 3” depth x 6.3” width x 3.3” height
  • 4 lbs
  • 3 year platinum online dealer warranty
  • 150 Watts
  • Maximum RMS: 75 Watts per speaker
  • Well-built with high quality materials
  • Affordable
  • Bigger than average – you might need to make the holes in the wall bigger in order for them to fit. The worst part about this is that if you ever decide to buy from another brand, the holes might be too big.

6. Garmin MS-FR6022 Fusion

If you want a high-quality marine speakersthat will last you ages, then the Garmin MS-FR6022 by Fusion is your best candidate.

Not only is it designed to produce clear and crisp audio, but durability is its specialty. These marine speakers are specifically designed for the harshest environments and to withstand a variety of conditions.

You can take this marine speaker out to sea anywhere, regardless of weather.  Developed with a unique focus on durability, Fusion ensured that these speakers will not only be long-lasting, but also be resistant to salt, fog, and UV rays.

The crossover is fully sealed and accompanied by a magnet and tweeter housing, all three of which are waterproof thanks to the water-resistant cone and surrounds.

Plus, you can personalize the design according to your boat, as it comes with three different grille options so that they cooperate effortlessly with your boat’s aesthetics.


  • 6-inch diameter speakers
  • 200 Watts maximum power
  • 90 dB sensitivity
  • Impressive durability
  • Great audio quality
  • Handles power pretty well
  • Volume – the loudness of the speaker isn’t as strong as most of its competitors

7. Clarion Corporation of America Marine Coaxial Speaker

If you’re looking for a speaker that’s just as fancy as it is effective, then take a look at this Marine Coaxial Speaker by Clarion Corporation of America.

Not only does it have an impressive maximum power, but also a built-in blue LED light and gold plated speaker terminals that give you something to brag about.

Whether you’re cruising the waves or the roads, it’s always best to do it in style.  These coaxial marine speakers are known for its sleek and fresh design, as well as their impressive power handling.

Meeting and exceeding the standards for salt, fog, and UV ray exposure, these speakers aren’t just stylish, they’re also durable.  Plus, installing and securing them in place has never been easier — all of the stainless steel mounting hardware you need comes with it.


  • 200 Watts maximum power handling
  • 60 Watts RMS
  • 5-inch mica-injection polypropylene woofer cone
  • 1-¼-inch compression horn tweeter
  • Meets ASTM B117 (Salt Fog Exposure) and ASTM D4329 (UV Exposure)
  • 5-¾ inches and 2-⅜-inches depth mounting hole requirements
  • Great sound quality
  • Handles power well
  • 200 Watts maximum power allows the speakers to produce loud, deep, and rich music
  • Don’t work well with high-end frequencies – as the frequency gets higher, the sound becomes a little less accurate

8. Kenwood Marine Outdoor Bluetooth Stereo

When looking for the best marine speaker, why not settle for one that can do it all?

The Kenwood Marine Outdoor Bluetooth Stereo meets the needs and wants of any music lover, as it includes AM/FM radio station presets, a CD player, and a USB port for connecting iPods, MP3 players, and smartphones.

These Kenwood marine speakers are the closest thing you’ll get to an ultimate speaker bundle.  The package includes the Kenwood stereo, 2 pairs of speakers (4 total), and an Enrock Antenna.

Having 4 speakers with 50 Watts each means your music will be even greater and louder.

The radio allows you to preset your favorite stations, and the CD player is compatible with standard audio discs, but it can also burn CDRs with MP3 or WMA files.

Finally, the USB drive allows you to play your favorite music from an iPod, MP3 player, or smartphone.


  • 200 Watts speaker power / 100 Watts each
  • 50 Watts x 4 channels
  • Removable faceplate
  • 400 Watts RMS per pair / 20 Watts each
  • Variety of options – whether you simply want to listen to your favorite radio station or play specific songs from a playlist, the system allows you to do so
  • Top-notch sound quality
  • You might have to purchase other equipment in order to use certain features, such as connecting to the SiriusXM satellite

Pre-Purchase Considerations

While knowing which speakers are the best available is a great step to finding your perfect speaker, it doesn’t mean much unless you take a few things into consideration before making a purchase.

Speakers can be expensive, hard to install, and require time and patience.  Therefore, making the wrong choice can be costly and frustrating.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to ask yourself before spending your money.

Where are You Going to Put the Speakers

One of the most common (yet easily avoidable) mistakes people make is not knowing where they’ll put the speakers before buying them.

Since all speakers have different specifications, it’s important to know the dimensions of where you’re going to use them, whether it’s on a boat or in your house.

How Much Power Do You Really Need

Many people think the more power a speaker has, the better quality sound it produces.

However, the quality depends on a mixture of the materials it’s built with and the power it can handle.

While a high wattage is attractive at first sight, ask yourself if you really want your music to be blasting through the roof or simply loud enough for everyone to hear.

Questions & Answers

Like you, many other people have asked questions about marine speakers.

Before making a purchase, take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about these speakers to find out what you need to know before using them.

How Waterproof are Marine Speakers?

A common mistake made by buyers is misunderstanding the difference between ‘waterproof’ and ‘water-resistant.’

While all marine speakers should be water-resistant, it doesn’t make them waterproof.  Instead, it implies that the speaker can handle getting a little bit wet, but won’t survive if submerged under water.

How Long do Marine Speakers Last?

How long a speaker will last depends on its durability and how well you use it.

Obviously, cheaper speakers will age quite faster than quality ones with outstanding toughness.  However, if you take decent care of them, they won’t give out on you too fast.

As far as a time span, these speakers can last a few months or a few years, once again depending on their durability.

Final Thoughts

Whether on land or at sea, purchasing a quality pair of marine speakers is a smart investment.

Not only do they boost the quality of your favorite music, but they allow you to bring it with you wherever you go and inspire a lively atmosphere with friends.

So what are you waiting for? Fall in love with your favorite music again in a new, louder experience.

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