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Coaxial vs Component Speakers – What are their Differences?

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There are generally two types of speakers that you will come across when rebuilding your car’s sound system or looking to improve it; coaxial and component speakers.

One of the best ways to build a foundation of car speaker knowledge is by learning how to differentiate between them. These two types of speakers have features and functionalities of their own and can make a significant difference in the sound quality in a car.

Based on individual sound preference, you’ll want to know which is more suitable for your car, your budget, and your needs before deciding on which to buy and install. This knowledge will help you to create a harmonious balance in your car’s audio quality, which is the end goal you’re likely aiming for.

What are Coaxial Speakers?

Coaxial speakers are also known as full range speakers. These are the more readily available speakers for your car, and also a more compact mechanism. For example, the full range speaker comes with two parts that are connected: the tweeter and the woofer, which is called a two-way speaker.

There are also three-way models that come with a mid-range as well, which helps to increase the detail of the sound, boost clarity, and balance the frequency slope.

These are the most basic form of speakers, usually the factory brand, but that’s not to say they are not good quality. With some upgrades and accessories, these speakers can be a welcomed addition to a fantastic sound system, however they don’t come with as much ability to customize as component speakers.

Full range speakers can be better at the emitting sound on the high end, and are also quite versatile in size. Not only do they come in various sizes to fit most cars, but they are also easy to install yourself, which will avoid any costly installation fees.

Coaxial speakers, though compact, can cause sound interference because of close proximity to its parts. Component speakers are dispersed throughout the car, providing a more comprehensive sound.

What are Component Speakers?

Component speakers, which are also referred to as separates, are for those listeners that want versatility and perfect equalization in their sound. This is a reality with component speakers, which come in parts, making them easier to mount around the car for whatever sound the listener prefers. The parts that comprise component speakers include two woofers, two tweeters, and two external crossovers, which are all mounted separately to balance the sound.

Because of the complex setup and multitude of parts, component speakers are optimal for the sound aficionado who knows exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to the sound quality in their car.

If you’re springing for the component speakers, the addition of an equalizer is essential, as it is the best and really only way to get the dispersed sounds to work as one. This is something to keep in mind when making a decision on whether to buy a full range or component. The set up of component speakers can be more costly but comes with a vastly better quality of sound.

Speaking of costs, component speakers should be installed by a professional rather than the car owner. Unless you’re an engineer or sound expert, component speakers will need to be installed by an expert at an additional cost.

Some will say that the cost of component speakers with installation, the speakers themselves, and an equalizer isn’t worth it, but it’s all up to what you want your speakers to sound like.

Coaxial vs Component Speakers – What Are The Differences Between Them ?

It’s difficult to give a straightforward answer this question as a speaker system is a subjective preference at the end of the day. However , in a nutshell the difference between coaxial and component speakers is that Component speakers offer a wide variety of customization, which can improve the overall sound system over time.

If you’re someone who wants a bit more control over the small parts of a system’s sound, separates might be the better route. In terms of pricing , they are also comparable to the high-end coaxial speakers with arguably better sound.

There are several things to take into account when making a decision, the most important being what kind of sound, how loud, and how precise you want the sound within your car to be.

The first question you must ask yourself when deciding between the component and the coaxial speakers is how you want to experience the music in your car. For example, are looking for some small upgrades in volume and sound, to improve the way you listen on your way to and from work?

Are you possibly looking to have a transcendental experience with bands you know and love but have not heard in such great detail until your sound system provided clarity?

Deciding what kind of music consumer you are can help you with your car speakers as well as your sound system at home, so it’s worth looking into. Knowing your end goal is essential when beginning to build your sound system, and you’ll want to know that before you start.

In general, there are also a few technical differences that can sway a decision on whether to buy coaxial or component speakers. Component speakers are known as the speaker for the more serious music buff, and will almost guarantee a higher quality of audio (if they’re set up correctly).

They, unfortunately, may require some upgrades or customization to the interior of the car in order to get the best sound, which can be an undertaking for someone who’s just beginning or doesn’t want too much of a hassle (or they’re leasing).

However, there are high-end coaxial speakers that will provide similar or even better quality of sound, you’ll just have to know what you’re looking for and do your research properly. Because they are easier to install as well, coaxial speakers will likely cost less than component speakers.

They are also more easy to use, which could be a major deciding factor.

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