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Best RCA Cables Reviews for Quality Audio Connection

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Although they may seem to be relics of the past, RCA cables are still necessary for many AV applications these days. Older cables focused solely on connecting audio and video, but these days, there are many cables for connecting smartphones and other devices for quick and easy media.

Whether it’s feeding audio from a smartphone through a car stereo or installing a subwoofer for a home theater, RCA cables have their time and place. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of excellent products to ensure you experience the best sound (and screen) quality available.

Top 5 RCA Cables
  • Compatible with most devices’ audio jacks
  • PVC exterior
  • Corrosion-resistant connectors
  • Trim cable fits in tight spaces
  • 2-year warranty
  • Multiple size options
  • Eliminates subwoofer hum
  • Pliable PVC jacket for durability
  • A range of sizes available
  • Uses high-quality fine long-grain copper
  • Insulated conductors for protection and optimal sound quality
  • Produces exceptionally smooth sound
  • Copper core shielded cable for reduced interference
  • 24K gold-plated connectors
  • Multiple size options

Best RCA Cables For Quality Audio Connection

1. AmazonBasics 8 Foot RCA Adapter Cable

At eight feet long, there’s plenty of length to work with no matter what you need to plug in. The cable is easy to install in most scenarios, though the bulk of the connectors could pose a problem depending on the logistics of your audio setup.

However, the 3.5mm audio jack fits in just about every type of device out there. And thanks to the thicker cable, you can expect fewer issues with breakage and static.

The name may be basic, but the AmazonBasics RCA Adapter Cable is a reliable option for most audio applications.

Since RCA cables tend to take a lot of daily abuse, the fact that this cable has a PVC exterior helps make it more durable. The corrosion-resistant connectors help maintain crisp and clear sound even after plugging and unplugging many times over.

  • Compatible with most devices’ audio jacks without blocking charging access
  • PVC exterior to help avoid cable damage
  • Gold-plated and corrosion-resistant connectors
  • 1-year warranty
  • Connectors are too bulky for some applications
  • Some users complained about losing audio quality over time

2. iXCC 6 Foot Cable

Interference-free audio is a top feature with this cable, as is the secure fit when plugging in. Like other cables in this class, iXCC’s has a narrow 3.5mm jack, meaning no matter what type of case you have on your phone or another device, you won’t have to fight with it to plug in, but it will stay put.

iXCC’s six-foot long cable is a great choice for installing in close quarters because the cable is smaller in diameter than comparable models. The connectors feature easy-to-grip covers, but they’re not as bulky as some other options, making it easier to maneuver them around.

Although some customers noted quality control issues, with a handful of cables that had only one working channel, the warranty on the product means you can easily get a replacement.

  • Trim cable fits in tight spaces
  • 2-year warranty
  • Cables plug in snugly; no wiggling out of place
  • Multiple size options
  • Some users reported quality control issues with one channel failing to work
  • Thinner cable may not hold up as well as thicker options
  • Y-split design limits the range

3. Mediabridge ULTRA Series

With its high-quality materials and construction, you can expect top audio performance from this well-constructed cable. At the same time, the cable is pliable thanks to the PVC jacket, so whether you’re plugging in permanently or moving things around often, this cable can withstand the pressure.

The grips are well-designed too, making it easy to plug and unplug as necessary without fumbling.

Mediabridge’s gold-plated RCA cable has wide spectrum coaxial cable, meaning you might notice an upgraded audio experience versus other options. Audio quality is deep and precise, and the gold-plated connectors ensure a tight fit.

But it’s the cable’s composition that’s really impressive. Not only is there a split-tip center pin to maintain high contact pressure, but there’s also a copper clad center conductor, dielectric insulation, aluminum braid, and two layers of foil shielding.

  • Wide spectrum coaxial cable for optimal sound
  • Eliminates subwoofer hum
  • Pliable PVC jacket for durability
  • 1-year warranty
  • A range of sizes available
  • The split-tip center pin is rather delicate, and breaking it means you need a new cable
  • Some users noted interference with their cables, possibly due to damage from plugging and unplugging
  • Y-split limits the range

4. AudioQuest RCA Cable

The construction of the cable is what’s impressive here:

AudioQuest uses long-grain copper, one of the highest quality materials available. And while AudioQuest has a great reputation for noteworthy products, they’re constantly improving their materials and construction methods, meaning this RCA cable will definitely deliver.

For crisp audio with quality that’s unmatched, AudioQuest’s RCA cables are a great option. This cable uses insulated tubes to protect the conductors, plus employs a triple-layer noise dissipation system. The result is clear and unaltered audio without any interference.

Top of the line materials also mean easy maneuverability when it comes to plugging and unplugging, and you’re unlikely to see quality control issues with this brand. Plus, it’s two separate cables instead of a split cable, meaning you have higher versatility and longer range.

  • Separate ground conductor to minimize interference
  • Insulated conductors for protection and optimal sound quality
  • Uses high-quality fine long-grain copper
  • Produces exceptionally smooth sound
  • Two separate cables; no Y-split to deal with
  • Relatively short length at 1 meter long
  • Not entirely budget-friendly

5. KabelDirekt Cable

Durability is another top feature with these cables, although they can be a bit stiff right out of the box.

Another commonly highlighted issue is it’s difficult to tell the red from the white on the connector housings, so setup might take some trial and error.

Overall, however, the range of sizes makes these a functional and affordable choice.

Although the price is just right, that doesn’t mean KabelDirekt’s offering isn’t quality. With high-grade metal casing, double shielding, and 24K gold connectors, these cables produce clear sound and offer impressive durability.

While the cables are joined together, you can also “unzip” them for more flexibility. In many applications, the two separate cables function better than a Y-split, so if space is an issue for you, separate cords are often ideal. A range of lengths makes it even easier to choose the cables that are appropriate for your setup.

  • Copper core shielded cable for reduced interference
  • 24K gold-plated connectors protect against corrosion
  • Multiple size options
  • Pull-apart cables; no struggling with spacing with a limited Y-style cable
  • Can be tough to handle since they’re relatively stiff
  • Some users complained that the connections don’t remain tight

6. UGREEN RCA Y Splitter

Aluminum housings, insulation, copper conductors, and protective PVC coating all contribute to the function of the cable, but they are a bit slippery to handle.

When it comes to audio quality, most customers are happy with the experience, but at this price point, it’s more common that consumers see more quality control issues with the UGREEN model than less budget-friendly brands.

nother Y-splitter cable that peels apart for flexibility, the UGREEN cable comes in assorted lengths and boasts excellent audio clarity. The audio plug is a standard 3.5mm connector with a slim profile for compatibility with most devices.

Overall, however, the combination of quality materials and the flexibility of the Y-splitter format make this cable a suitable choice for most installations with newer stereos; it can be a tight fit for some older model stereos.

  • 18-month warranty
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • PVC jacket for maneuverability
  • High-quality copper materials
  • Snug installation
  • Some users noted that the fittings can be tight with older model stereos
  • Connector grips can be difficult to handle because of the slippery material

7. Hosa CMP-159 Stereo Breakout Cable

Although style isn’t always the top concern when audio quality is at stake, Hosa’s Stereo Breakout Cable is streamlined yet non-flashy.

Besides, it’s what’s on the inside that matters: the plugs are nickel-plated for durability and use oxygen-free copper conductors for the best audio clarity.

Hosa’s 9-foot cable is adequate for most applications, and you can choose from either a single cable or a five-pack for more industrious purposes. Either way, the peel-apart Y-split cable is helpful for different applications.

Some customers complained about interference, which most often seems to be a problem when moving the cables around. Essentially, those who plan to plug in and leave this cable will probably be the happiest with the results.

  • Peel-apart Y-split cable is versatile
  • Streamlined design isn’t bulky
  • Plenty of length for most applications
  • Plastic-molded strain relief can weaken over time
  • Some users complained that the connections were loose with certain devices and caused interference
  • 5mm plug won’t fit all devices due to excess casing

8. RCA Switch Fosmon 3-Way Splitter

The unit doesn’t require a power source, and instead functions as a cable splitter, streamlining your audio-video setup and eliminating the need to crawl behind the TV every time someone wants to play a video game or watch a movie.

We’d call that a win!

When you need it, you need it: an RCA splitter is an essential device for many audio setups, and Fosmon’s delivers. Connecting to three devices is as simple as plugging in the color-coded RCA cables, and you won’t need to unplug or swap cables to switch to another device.

Switching inputs is easy with a single switch on top of the unit, and cables are included to plug each of your consoles in. Plus, even if you need to use an AV/HDMI adapter, you can do so with this splitter.

  • Avoids unplugging to switch between consoles/devices
  • Simple operation: one switch for input selection
  • Compatible with AV/HDMI adapters as well
  • Some users complained that the included cable was not high quality
  • Nearly impossible to return the item if you have difficulties; no warranty

Final Word

No matter the type of device or the stereo setup you’re working with, it’s vital that you have high-quality RCA cables to bring it all together. With interference and connectivity issues, it’s tough to enjoy audio or video—especially when you can’t find the right cable when you need it.

Fortunately, these picks will have you connected and enjoying crisp audio in no time.

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