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Best 6×8 Car Speakers

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Many of us spend hours driving in our car each day. 6×8 speakers are a great audio accessory to replace factory speakers in your vehicle. They’re quickly becoming a favorite because of their sound quality and performance.

We know that it is often overwhelming when you’re presented with the myriad of choices available in car speakers. For this reason, we’ve researched the best 6×8 car speakers available on the market to narrow down your options.

These speakers represent some of the most popular brands so read further to learn which ones made our list.

Top Rated 6*8 Car Speakers
  • Superior sound quality
  • The VAST Feature
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Built-in crossover
  • Enclosed in a uniquely designed rear chamber
  • Basalt fiber technology
  • Curvilinear cone design
  • Integrated crossover
  • 94 dB sensitivity response
  • 91 dB frequency response
  • Blue poly injection cone for a unique look
  • Great value for the price
  • 91 dB frequency response
  • 1-year warranty
  • Acoustic sound harmonizer

Best 6×8 Speakers Reviews For 2021

1. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683

This speaker is a favorite because of increased airflow from the VAST technology that allows for a more impressive sound quality.

The Fit Flex Frame and multi-OEM plate make installation simple and its compatible with most types of vehicles. For these reasons, it makes our shortlist.

Rockford Fosgate tops our list with their 6×8 Punch series. They have over years of manufacturing the finest in car audio components.

The Flex Fit frame makes installation simple by using slots instead of screws where feasible. This way , the speaker is slightly adjustable once it’s installed. The multi-OEM adapter plate helps full range or round speakers fit in certain openings meaning these speakers fit most vehicles.

The VAST or Vertical Attach Surround Technique increases a speaker’s radiating cone area effectively without complicating installation. As a result, there is a 25 percent more effective area for the same speaker model.

Each speaker’s surround is constructed of butyl rubber, and each one has a  PEI dome tweeter, and polypropylene and mineral-filled injection molded cone.

The frequency response is 65 Hz to 24 kHz, and the sensitivity is 90 dB.

  • Superior sound quality
  • The VAST Feature
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Installation may take time

2. Pioneer TSD6802R 2-Way Speakers

One of the reasons we chose this speaker is because of the sound dispersion control made possible by the arching wave guides and V-shaped tweeter diaphragm.

This increases the sound stage in your vehicle and makes sure that your passenger enjoys a quality audio experience.

They also have a full depth basket for rich bass response and a low impedance of 4-ohms.

One of the most popular car audio brands, Pioneer offers this moderately priced speaker that is incredibly responsive. This TSD6802R is one of the brand’s newer D-series models.

Speakers in the D-series have innovative technologies that make them stand out from the rest. Pioneer also uses quality materials to manufacture their products to ensure that they last your car for years.

Pioneer created this series by developing the very first basalt fiber made from natural rock and interwoven with aramid fiber. The basalt fiber is used in the surface layer making it extremely rigid and absorb better. This technology enhances the stability of the speaker and maintains it’s integrity through a variety of temperatures.

They also have an enhanced quality built-in crossover to improve the transition between mids and highs. A clear acrylic covers all of the components for protection, and Pioneer used Audiophile-grade inductors and capacitors.

  • Amazing rich bass
  • Basalt fiber technology
  • Built-in Crossover
  • Installation may be complicated depending on what type of vehicle you have.

3. Cerwin Vega V468 2-Way Co-Axial Speakers

We picked the Cerwin Vega V468 because they are some of the loudest and best sounding speakers on the market.

The curvilinear cone design enhances your music experience by producing awesome mid-bass. Their 94d B sensitivity response also makes them a fine choice for any car audio system.

Cerwin is known for the robust quality construction of their products, and these speakers don’t disappoint. They also have the signature Vega red surround to add a sleek aftermarket style to your car.

These speakers are engineered to deliver excellent sound quality and last for many years.

A uniquely designed curvilinear cone delivers fantastic off-axis performance and mid-bass.  A deep composite basket also contributes to the low resonance of these speakers. The 1-inch dome tweeter is made from titanium.

Peak power handling on these speakers is 400-watts with 75-watts RMS.

They have a frequency response of 55-20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 94 dB. This sensitivity is higher than approximately 90 percent of their competitors.

These speakers represent the type of quality that Cerwin Vega is known for.

They play your music loud even on lower wattage. Integrated crossovers reduce the installation time making setup much more straightforward. They’re also easy to mount.

  • Curvilinear Cone Design
  • Integrated crossover
  • 94 dB sensitivity response
  • Unique red and black design
  • You may need an amp to get the best performance from these speakers.

4. Pyle PL683BL 3-Way Speaker Set – Most Affordable Choice

We really love these speakers because of how loud and clear that they sound even at an affordable price. Their responsiveness is also amazing. The butyl rubber surround provides rugged durability for an extended lifetime.

The fact that they were easy to install makes them a great addition to your car audio system.

These Pyle speakers provide great value at an awesome price.

The structure of the 40 oz magnet and the 1-inch neodymium fill dome mid-range and frequency response contribute to its outstanding 91 dB sensitivity. The frequency response is 70 Hz to 20 kHz. The unique blue poly injection cones add style to any stereo system making it look like a custom audio package.

The system has a low 4-ohm impedance that compensates for the undersized wiring found in today’s vehicles. The 1-inch heat-resistant ASV voice coil increases the playtime and performance of these speakers.

They have 360-watts of peak handling power and 180-watts RMS and deliver a full range of sound.

  • 91 dB frequency response
  • Blue poly injection cone for a unique look
  • Great value for the price
  • Loud and clear sound
  • We noticed some complains about the build quality , although overall , a large majority of users were satisfied.

5. Kenwood KFC-C6895PS

These speakers are on our list because of there 88 dB sensitivity and low impedance. They also have a 1-year warranty, and they’re very reasonably priced for the sound quality that they deliver.

The Acoustic Sound Harmonizer that improves frequency response is also a nice feature. Kenwood has an outstanding reputation for quality and cutting-edge technology.

Kenwood is well-known for their quality audio components, and these speakers don’t disappoint. For a reasonable price, these Performance series speakers have a multi-driver design that articulates those lows in your music.

You’ll hear clean and crisp vocals as well as incredible highs. Add an amp, and your jams will sound crystal clear and loud with no distortion.

They are constructed of water-resistant paper cones with a ½-inch ceramic supertweeter and 1-3/16-inch paper tweeter. An Acoustic Sound Harmonizer enhances the frequency response in the 3,000 to 4,000 range. The total range of the frequency response is 63 to 20,000 Hz.

With a low 4-ohm impedance and a superior sensitivity of 88 dB, these speakers are responsive and efficient. They incorporate Kenwood’s latest innovations in speaker technology making them an excellent addition to your car audio system.

  • 91 dB frequency response
  • 1-year warranty
  • Acoustic Sound Harmonizer
  • Install in under an hour
  • Some users reported that the speakers were lower quality than past Kenwood models.

6. Rockford Fosgate R168X2 Prime Speaker Set

Rockford 6x8 Speakers
We love Rockford Fosgates because they are a great full range speaker for an economical price. The bass response is also much better than factory speakers.

The Rockford brand is associated with well-made and reliable products and these speakers are a great addition to create an excellent listening experience

Here’s another Rockford Fosgate speaker set and this one is from the company’s Prime series. At a very affordable price, these speakers are 2-way full range speakers that compliment any stock stereo system. Full range Co-axial speakers have more audio frequencies available in one unit while factory speakers don’t have a dynamic range because of their construction.

The cone is vacuum polypropylene and has a rubber surround. This rubber surround enhances durability and won’t deteriorate as quickly as foam. The tweeter is a flush mounted silk dome. The speakers also include an Integrated Concealed Tweeter Crossover (ICC) that is hidden inside a basket for easier installation and a clean look.

The frequency response is 51 Hz to 20 kHz, and the sensitivity is 87 dB. These speakers have a low impedance of 4-ohms.

Rockford Fosgate speakers are built with quality materials and very durable. They come with a 1-year warranty.

  • Integrated Concealed Crossover
  • Low impedance
  • Economical price
  • Quality construction
  • None

7. Pioneer TS-A6886R 4-Way Speaker

These Pioneer speakers make our list because of their updated construction technology. They offer the best value and sound quality for the price.

With more handling power and durability, this is a responsive system with a dynamic range and impressive bass.

Not surprisingly, Pioneer is on our list again with a speaker from the popular A-series. This speaker technology offers more range and impressive bass. It also handles more power and has a new design for enhanced sound quality, all for a reasonable price.

The new, rigid multi-layered Mica Matrix cone construction has better sound dispersion for deep bass. The tweeter has an upgrade too to improve the transition from mid to high frequencies.

There is also a heat-resistant voice coil wire for increased durability and heat dissipation. This allows these speakers to handle more power and you’ll get the most out of their 350-watts of maximum handling power.

An extra light and rigid diaphragm produces amazingly clear sound and superior responsiveness sensitivity. An air-vented cooling basket allows the system to process more power handling. These speakers are also simple to install and setup.

  • Impressive bass and range
  • Heat-resistant voice coil
  • New light and rigid diaphragm
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Some users complained that the sound quality was mediocre.


Hopefully, our research has provided you with enough information to choose which speakers work best for your requirements and particular vehicle specifications. 6×8 speakers enhance the sound quality and performance of your car audio system.

We’ve narrowed your selections down to the best overall speakers in this size range by looking at sound quality, ease of installation, durability, handling power, and more. By highlighting each speaker’s features, we’ve made the selection process much more manageable.

So, pick your favorite speaker and get ready to love riding in your car again.

If you need other variety of speakers , check out our guides to 5.256×9 car speakers and small-sized 4 inch speakers.

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