Alpine PDX V9 5 Channel Extreme Power | Unbiased Review 2018

alpine pdx v9-5Most people think that an amp is only for audio enthusiasts who want the entire neighborhood to hear their bass. But really, an amp is a key component for anyone who values great sound quality while listening to their favorite tunes. An amp can provide a cleaner sound, better performance and more power. It’s as simple as that. Here we will review the 

Most people who want to upgrade from their factory stereos aren’t sure how to go about improving their sound system. It’s the amp you use and the speakers that are the responsible for delivering the best sound. A really good quality amp will do a good job of controlling your speakers in order to replicate the sound the way it was intended. This means you’ll be able to hear the reverb in vocals and also be able to identify each and every instrument. This is because a good amp won’t keep going after it is supposed to stop. This type of control will give you the kind of clarity you’re looking for and will allow your speakers to produce the right sounds. An amp will also have the HPs needed to drive your speakers.

Swapping out your factory speakers and adding an app is the best way to upgrade your sound system. A good quality amp will improve the in-car speaker performance. The thick aluminum design will pull any heat away from the internal circuit board which will prevent the amp from overheating should you push it too hard.

But with so many new models of compact, yet powerful amps out there, it can be hard to find the best model for your music tastes and your setup. This model by Alpine received plenty of consumer praise for solid performance in a space-saving design.

The PDX digital amplifier features five channels and is rated for 1600 watts max and a hundred watts RMS for four of the channels and five hundred watts RMS for one of the channels. The controls on the front panel will give you access to the amp’s essentials, without needing to access the back.

Specs and Settings of the Alpine PDX V9 5 Channel

The amp’s quick control terminals work perfectly for connecting the speaker wires and power supply. This small, compact amp is very versatile and can be used to power your entire car including your subs. It is also capable of providing a clear, clean sound. No longer will you have to deal with the constant hissing you experienced from past PDX amps. This model is a Class D efficient amp and it’s considered an all in one model because you only need one power cable instead of having to link it to splitters and other equipment, all of which costs extra cash and can be time-consuming to set up as well.

Most consumers liked the quick release cable plugs, which made this model easy to install and remove. The fact that the connectors are placed on one side instead of at the opposite ends works to add to the overall length. Another bonus is that the adjustments are placed on the opposite side of the connections and instead of on the top they’ve been placed on the side for added convenience, especially if you have under seat mountings.

PDX V9 Extreme Power Density Amplifier Pros and Cons

Pros: The small footprint allows you to install it anywhere. This all in one model allows you to run a subwoofer and four speakers with ease. This product comes with a one year warranty. The manual does a great job of explaining every component and step in the installation process, including detailing the most common wiring setups for novices who don’t have any prior experience. Some consumers reported that the sound quality is mind-blowing, which is a big surprise considering its size and class. When you listen to music on this amp the bass sounds full and deep, the highs are crystal clear and the mids are perfect. You won’t have to deal with any feedback or hissing whatsoever. The perfect solution for a car where space constraints are an issue. The sound is impressive for a single amp that’s also capable of powering an entire system.

The subsonic filter for the subchannel is a must-have for quality sound. And there are several options for running it either with active crossovers or passive crossovers. Consumers who had experience dealing with the Alpine customer service team stated that the staff were quick to respond to any issues and would cover the cost of shipping if a product needed to be returned due to a defect.

Cons: Like with most amps, your mounting options with this model are somewhat limited, which can be a problem. This amp is well put together, which can be an issue if you’re trying to figure out how to take the trim ring off to mount it. One consumer mentioned that the plugs that go into the amp feel cheap. The screws used on the speaker plugs are very small and also have a somewhat cheap feel to them and unfortunately, the amp doesn’t come with any extras.

Alpine Extreme Power Density Digital Amplifier: Conclusion and Rating

This is a petite amp that puts out a lot of power for its size and puts out more than what it’s rated at. The manufacturer definitely delivers on their power ratings and then some, which is very uncommon, especially for amps in this price range. Keep in mind, if you’re using an outdated stereo system you may need to upgrade it for this amp, otherwise, your current subs and speakers may not be able to handle the amount of power this amp puts out. The performance this amp offers left many consumers pleasantly surprised, especially considering the lower cost. With a few minor improvements, such as additional mounting options and upgrading the digital circuitry to make fine tuning easier, this model could receive a perfect score.

Consumers gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars for performance, sound quality, easy installation and overall product satisfaction.